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Bakery Smallwares
We Install our Ovens World Wide! Wholesale Bakery Supply and Restaurant Supply!

Buy a Nicholson Oven today!

Our Uncompromising Quality
Has Kept Our Ovens Working
Day and Night
for Decades!
We have recently Installed these
Nicholson Industrial Ovens
for Our Very Satisfied Customers!
If you can Vision it,
We can Build it!
Our Ovens are Built to Work,
Built to Last!
Big and Small, We HAVE Built them All!
A Nicholson Heavy Duty Oven
We Built for a Customer
To Heat Cylinder Heads

Heavy Duty also means that these
Quality Ovens Will work
Day and Night for Years to come
Our first oven has been in use for
over 64 years, It is still used daily and
the baker that uses it says it is
the most reliable piece of equipment
that he owns!
The 6 Inch Walls Keep the Heat in the Oven and Reduces Operating Costs!

Nicholson Industrial Ovens Are Easy to Install! This Large Heat Exchanger Helps to Reduce Operating Costs!

Indirect Fired
Nicholson Oven

Good up to 600 degrees
22' long x 12' wide x 8' high
400,000 btu
2 days to Install

This Nicholson Oven has guilatine doors and is used for drying transformers.
There are 4 sets of rollers that stay inside the oven for the transformers to ride on.
This speeds up the time to load and unload. All our Industrial Ovens have
6"walls and 8"ceiling pannels for superior insulation values which help to
Operating Costs Lower
Slide vents every 6" allow for easy adjustment of hot air distribution inside the oven.

The Slide Vents Every 6 Inches allow for easy adjustment of hot air distribution inside the Oven! This Nicholson Industrial Oven took 2 days for 3 men to Install!
We have been building CUSTOM OVENS for over 70 years!
The first Oven we built is still working today, Everyday! May we build one for you?
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