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Outstanding Features of the Nicholson Revolving Tray Bake Ovens



Oven Walls:
Fabricated of corrosion resistant 18 gauge satin coat sheet metal with reinforcements as required. Formed steel framework is welded inside sections. Special oven construction coupled with 6" of rockwool insulation in the walls and 8 " in the roof minimizes heat loss.

Reel Mechanism:
Spiders of steel construction and mounted on a steel shaft to which they are clamped and securely locked. High temperature bushings require little or no maintenance.

Oven Drive:
A combined gear box, belt and chain drive assembly coupled with an AC Drive Inverter provides quiet and smooth operation. Forward/Stop/Reverse control is accessible anywhere across the oven front.

Oven Trays:
All steel framework available with standard open style mesh or solid steel surface on special order.Fuly stabilized trays prevent tipping or vibrating. Oven Tray bearings made of Graphite & Bronze to insure long life.

Heating Units:
Gas system burners provide safe uniform heat and are designed to operate on all fuel gases .Standard units come with standing pilots. Electronic ignition available on special orders.

Oven Controls:
Digital temperature controls provide excellent heat control with very little temperature fluctuation. Analog controls are still available . 100% pilot safeties ensure safe and reliable operation.

Oven Exterior Finish:
Nicholson bakery oven standard finishes stainless steel front, full length of the oven. Sides and back of oven are finished with industrial grade gray hammertone finish. Inside walls are painted with high temperature aluminum paint.

Installation: The oven is shipped knocked down in convenient-to-handle sections and assembled at the location by a factory supervisor. All pieces are small enough to fit through a standard man door (34" x 84") 2 People can usually install a Nicholson RTO Oven in less than 8 to 12 hours.

Guarantee: Nicholson Bakery Oven inspection is rigid. All ovens are assembled and test fired at our factory to insure compliance to highest standards. All parts manufactured by Nicholson Equipment are guaranteed for a full year. Sub-components are subject to their own warranty.


Nicholson Front Drive 24 Pan Oven

6 Oven Trays 4 pans wide



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