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Nicholson Equipment
Manufactures Heavy Duty
Revolving Tray Ovens and Proofers

  • Specify from 4 trays to 8 trays
  • From 8 bunpan to 72 bunpan oven capacity
  • Order Gas or Electric
  • Over Built to bake 24/7, Everyday!


Revolving Tray Oven Construction Facts

Revolving Tray Oven Maintenance Schedule

Revolving Tray Oven
Price List in Canadian Dollars

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Nicholson 36 Pan - 6 Tray Oven
RTO Side Drive Oven
Each of the 6 trays hold 6 bunpans for a total of 36 bunpan capacity.

Nicholson Ovens are insulated with 6" walls and 8" ceilings for better Insulation Values. Outside seams of the oven are 100 degrees when inside the oven is at 500 degrees!

This keeps the heat out of the Bakery and
Lowers Operation costs!

Nicholson 24 Pan
RTO Front Drive Oven

This is a great space saver.

All the controls are easily accessable from the front.

All our ovens are fully assembled and fired in our shop before shipping!

All our ovens are built to order!
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We have been building CUSTOM OVENS for over 70 years!
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