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Maintenance Schedule For
Nicholson Revolving Tray Ovens

Once A Week

    • Pull out plug door on drive side of oven and clean oven floor
    • Check that the burner is free of debris
    • Clean false end floor
    • Check burner venturi to make sure it is free of dust build-up

Every Six Months

    • Grease Chain
    • Grease shaft bearings with High Temperature Grease ( 2 or 3 pumps with a grease gun )
    • Check chain tension - tighten if needed
    • Check oven shelves to make sure they are level - level if required
    • Check condition fo shaft bearings ( make sure they are turning freely )

Once A Year

    • Check fluid level in gear box
    • Check V-Belt for wear - replace if needed
    • Service Oven Burner - Clean burner ports, clean pilot orifice, check condition of standing pilot, adjust primary air, clean burner orifice
    • Check Tray/Stabilizer Bushings for wear - replace if needed
    • Check Pillow Block Bearing - Adjust or replace if needed - there should be 2mm clearance overall between ring and bearing

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